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setjmp I Love Mediapocalypse because it says something I have been progressively saying more and more for years now! The Mass Media convinces the people of earth to keep it the way just a few like it! At the expense of everyone! Dividing and Conquering the world! But, It is within all of us to fix this! Mediapocalypse delivers a loud message and the video does a brilliant visual of the same! Listen Often, get your mind back! It's yours to do with what you choose! Your Mind is a Cage! Break Out!
Dima Tkach
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Dima Tkach Great stuff! Awesome music, production and performance.
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Single 2015 Mediapocalypse
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You sowed these grains
You fertilized this soil with our blood!
So shall you reap!

You have so many different faces
Your voices echo everywhere non-fucking-stop
Bread and circuses you have replaced
With lies repeated often enough
To believe in false visions!
Enough for hatred and fear!
You feed on violence you’ve started
You serve your masters well!

You show and you say what they want you to
That is you
Who pulls the triggers in fooled minds
But you won’t stop us, no
With all these lies
With these lies
But look what you’ve done to us!

Just look what you’ve done!
You fortify the borders between us
You’ve divided the world into “them” and “us”
You fertilized this soil with our blood!
So shall you fucking reap!
You benefit from the wars you fomented!
Like a scavenger on the carrion.

There is the silent voice of wisdom
And all your channels can’t outcry it
It sounds within and knows the reason why you’ll lose…

You're always in the midst of a tragedy
Your mouth is full of bullets, bombs and atrocity
You aim to set this world in flames
One day you’ll burn in this fire too
One day you’ll burn in this fire too
One day you’ll burn in this fire too


released September 16, 2015
©Joncofy 2015



all rights reserved


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